Better Because of Your Love – John Lanser

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I think my love and admiration for you started in a 67 Firebird while cruising to the tune of ‘Elton John’ and Benny and the Jets … but now, has landed firmly upon the fabulous energy/controversy inspired by ‘Robin Thicke’s’ Blurred Lines  … and … a very special 68 Chick (or was that the 58 chick? ) Either way, I can honestly say that the fun and laughter between the jets and the blurred lines over those years has typically been instigated by YOU! As we celebrate your 60th birthday … I am filled with gratitude for all the joys, challenges, triumphs and trials we have celebrated together!

I’m not sure who I ultimately would have become had I not become your wife … because without you this shy, timid, quiet girl was not likely to have travelled the roads we have ventured down together! Sometimes I have resisted … my inner scaredy cat making me tremble at the thought of flirting with whatever you were conjuring up in your imagination! Once you figured out when to nudge me a little versus when to let me just sit with your enthusiastic boyish schemes until I was feeling braver … it worked out pretty well!

 That said, I must share that I really, really, really LOVE your boyish enthusiasm. Whenever you get an idea that delights you … I can’t help but smile! It is truly a joy to watch your creative juices build a beautiful yard, repair a classic vehicle, renovate a dreary bathroom, and learn how to do ANYTHING yourself! Your courage to learn new things is terrifying for my anxious mind on one hand and completely liberating and exhilarating on the other! Your presence in my life has clearly invited me to live a bigger, bolder and more adventure filled life! Yes … there are far more pounding heart moments because of you …

One of the other things I so deeply admire about you is your kind heart. Your willingness to see the best in others and offer your compassion to everyone that crosses your path (well … almost everyone!) is so deeply admirable. It has sparked my own internal passion to find opportunities to dwell in the immense joy of giving! I am so grateful that we share in this commitment in life. I absolutely love your tender spirit and thoughtful interpretations of everything that crosses your path …

I also love the conversations we have as a result of comparing our days … discussing our meaning makings … and … whether we agree or not, I love that we can spend hours discussing life … love … hopes … dreams … realities … challenges … AND … inevitably we will end up with some kind of big BELLY laugh … !!

I treasure our moments of laughter … your sense of humor is one of the greatest things to wake up to! It’s such a beautiful thing to be laughing before you even get the sleep out of your eyes! Our relationship is so much better because of your sense of humor … !!

And … I get tears in my eyes when I think about what an amazing father you are and have been to our three gorgeous daughters. If truth be told … I think there was a time when I would feel jealous … wishing I could also have had a dad who dared to love me so big, so loud … so completely! There is absolutely nothing more appealing in a man than his seeing him expressing his love for his children! You are such a remarkable dad and I am so grateful that I get to see how your sheer adoration for your daughters sparks your desire to make their hearts smile!

Oh … and … while we are talking about hearts smiling … I must also mention how much I appreciate all the things you do to nourish our relationship! I love all the romantic, affectionate little things you have done over the years to remind me of your love and devotion. All those little moments are far from little … they take up big space in my heart … which is good! It means you have good credit to lean on when you make the occasional mess up!

Thank you for working so tirelessly over the years for us … without complaining! Thank you, as well, for learning when it’s important NOT to work. Thank you for being the very best travel companion I could ever ask for … our travels have truly been so much better because of you!

Thank you for being such an amazing, remarkable and loving husband! Thank you for inviting me to become all I can be in the world … my life and everything in it is so much better because of you!!!!

xoxoxox  … from your ’58 chick … 🙂

Source Unknown but deeply appreciated

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