[Guest Post]: I Thought You Should Know

[GUEST POST] : I came across this beautiful blog written by a very bright light in the world. It speaks to my intentions here and I just wanted to pay it forward. We can never spread too much light and love in the world! Thank you Meg …

Reporting Live From The Minivan

Today is another snow day.  This has given me time to cath up on the different blogs I read and one in particular (momastery.com) has stirred something in me that I think we should all pay more attention to and build into our daily lives, if we can.  Telling people we love and admire all of the things we love or like about them while they are still here with us.

Earlier this week, Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away from an apparent drug overdose.  Everything you have heard about after that news broke was what a great guy he was.  That he was a great dad, a great actor, etc.  I am wondering if people had expressed that to him before he succumbed to his addiction?  I wonder if they did, would it had made a difference?  I wonder if they did, but it fell on deaf ears.  I wonder…

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