Because of You Marie … My Life is So Much Better!

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Source unknown but deeply appreciated!

Only because of the hair color, I’m guessing that I must be the one on the right!   Although, there is no doubting that you can still rock a bikini!  You’d fill out the top better too! Not that you’ve ever worn a two piece on New Year’s Eve, in the hot tub under the dark, star filled skies while we sipped snow chilled Champagne from ice laden stemware at midnight … BUT … you certainly could if you ever wanted to.  It’s just that you’d risk more frostbite … when making snow angels … with more skin exposed.  See … you are smart that way.  By the time wise women (such as ourselves) have sensibly landed in their 50’s, they get clever enough not to expose too much bare flesh in Canadian winters on New Years Eve.  Just in case …

hot tub angels

Left to right: Marie’s Angel … Karen’s Angel

There is absolutely no doubt about it … New Years Eve has become so much better because of you!  As an introvert, there is nothing less appealing to me that being in a crowded room of tipsy people (that you may or may not know), tediously making small talk until the dreaded countdown to the celebratory smooching.  For me, it is infinitely more desirable to ring in the New Year snacking on scrumptious appetizers, laughing with close friends and reflecting thoughtfully, honestly, and philosophically upon the past year whilst revisiting your Five Annual Questions:

  1. Best buy … ?
  2. Best read … ?
  3. Greatest lesson learned … ?
  4. Greatest accomplishment … ?
  5. Hope for the New Year … ?

I love it that you write it all down so we can revisit the previous years as well.  So, yes, because of you Marie … January has become a far, far better month!  Well, April is better too.  And June through September.  So are October, November and December.  March and May have been brighter and lighter as well … but … February is for surely, absolutely and especially better.  Because of you, I have learned how to create and celebrate my Best Birthdays Ever!  With your loving nudges, my birthday has morphed into an annual ‘birthday week’ that includes a multitude of delights sprinkled liberally over those 168 beautiful hours.   Because of you, I’ve learned that it is not self-indulgent to plan your own magical, marvelous moments because:

“Loving yourself … does not mean being self-absorbed, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart.”  (Margo Anand)

Thank you, my friend, for encouraging me to add some delicious kindling to my own internal flame on my birthday.  Because of you Marie … my birthdays are so much better.

And so is happy hour.  When shared with you, a splash of  Malbec, Chianti or Merlot tastes so much richer.  And, so are Sunday dinners.  Not that you cook them.  No … your hubby gets the ‘better because of you’ shout-out on that count!  Thank you Hutch for painstakingly preparing such scrumptious morsels while Marie and I are leisurely sipping something dry, full-bodied, and ruby-colored (with a nice nose and good legs) while waiting for the feast to unfold. Or, if it’s a scorching hot summer day, we’ll amuse ourselves with an icy margarita.  We’re flexible like that. But only if the tequila is top shelf.  Yes, dinners are definitely so much better because of you …

And, because of you and your card shark hubby … I have become a better loser. Not that I am competitive.  But, it truly is an important lesson in life … learning to lose graciously.  And … I do pretty well, except maybe for the rare and very uncharacteristic ‘f- bomb’ that has been dropped on odd occasion while playing Hearts. I don’t think that makes me a sore loser, does it??   It’s just that I truly think a ‘W’  suits the shape of my face better than an ‘L’.  The ‘L’ has a tendency to pull my smile down lower at the corners.  Not that I am competitive …

I am also so much healthier because of you Marie!  With all of our walking, running and hiking … we’ve logged many a kilometer together and have reached some magnificent vistas as a result. Our time in the outdoors soaking in the gifts of nature has definitely nourished my body, spirit and mind!  And … it would never have happened without you.  Never. Ever.  So thank you for taking me to places I never would have ventured on my own …


And it’s not all just about geography.   We’ve covered all kinds of emotional ground too  while we soak up the sunshine, or trudge through the snow, or cast our gaze over the glorious rocky ledges on a mountain trail –  all the while, chatting deeply, honestly and authentically!  We’ve charted the highs and lows of our hearts … and … because I feel safe enough to be vulnerable with you, I’ve been able to sort through and re-write so many of the chapters in my own story that have left me feeling defeated and alone.

Somehow, you are able to see the pain in my eyes when most believe the smile on my face.  Your compassionate sensitivity and loyal support make me feel so much less alone in the world.  I treasure our time together. Thank you for letting me lean in when I’m feeling stuck and helping me find a chuckle when I’m feeling blue.  Because of your loving spirit … my heart beats stronger and it’s easier to be the heroine in my story rather than a victim of it.

There we are again … that’s you on the left. Even if the hair color didn’t give it away, I can always count on you to be there when I’m down.

Because of you Marie …  my joys are juicier, my days are brighter, my laughter more frequent and my sadness is less weighty because it is shared.  I love, cherish and treasure the depth of our friendship.  I just can’t imagine my life without you.  I truly am am so much better because of you …

With pure love and deepest heart hugs … K 🙂

P.S. Thanks for picking me up for yoga this morning … yoga is better because of you too!



6 thoughts on “Because of You Marie … My Life is So Much Better!

  1. You did indeed “nail it” my Beautiful Bestie! On the heels of our recent conversation, I searched out your blog and found myself laughing out loud and felt tears springing to my eyes as I smiled knowingly at your beautifully crafted words! My has grown two sized bigger in these last few moments too as a enjoyed a revisit to your blog…and it has grown immeasurable in the last 20ish years since we met, just as I have in so many countless ways!! I am SO MUCH better because of you, Bestie!!! Sending massive hugs and much love to from across the crescent on this quiet drizzly morning!! xoxoxo

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  2. Karen: I have just read your “Better Because of You” Blog regarding Rea (for the second time). It is absolutely amazing — including the pics and quotes. You have a very special gift! In everything I read (and I read several of your other tributes) I felt your sincerety, compassion and humility. Thanks for being such a good friend to my daughter. I do believe you have both grown and become “Better Because of Each Other”


    • Thank YOU Joan. I am brought to tears with your kind and generous words of encouragement. It is more meaningful that you realize to hear that my words are touching people’s hearts. I am relatively new to this, and I’m not naturally comfortable with sharing the vulnerabilities in my heart. It is also my intention to challenge those fears and your words spark more internal comfort with my efforts … thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  3. As I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks….I don’t even know where to begin! As you know, I have always been in awe at your gift of writing and weaving words and thoughts together so beautifully….and here I find one of your treasures with our friendship as the subject.

    I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and am truly humbled to read these words. Our friendship is a cherished gift to me…and I hope you know that I too am “better because of you” my friend!

    With much love,
    Marie xoxo

    P.S. It’s sure been a fun ride with you by my side and I look forward to what’s ahead for us!

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