Better Because of Your Good Heart … Kimmy!

Kimmy - good heart

First time I recall meeting her … we were interviewing her for a job.  She arrived dressed like one of Mattel’s Barbie dolls.  ‘Travel Barbie’ if my memory serves me correctly.  🙂

It  was priceless … watching my boss try to seriously navigate the interview process in order to determine “Barbie’s” professional suitability for the position of a Parenting & Family Coach in our agency.  Between her engaging giggles, this light hearted soul in the long dark wig explained she had just come from her daughter’s Halloween party at school … and … things had gone longer than expected. She didn’t have time to go home and change, so … she came as she was.  It was a daring choice, leaving her wide open for unfavorable first impressions and/or critical judgment …

It didn’t matter … her good heart shone right through the costume.  And she got the job. And she deserved it.  And better yet, we got her!  And we have never been more fortunate, because not only is she phenomenal in her work, but she is one of the most loving, kind-hearted people to ever grace this planet.

You FEEL the sweetness of her good heart in her presence.  She reflects ‘loving-kindness’ as clearly as the sunshine bouncing off the facets of a brilliant diamond.  Her sparkle is undeniable and people are simply drawn to her bright and joyous spirit.  And she is so darn funny.  Oh my gosh, her presence in our workplace sparks sheer delight.  When I worked alongside her, it felt like we laughed as hard as we worked.  Sometimes more.

Source Unknown but deeply appreciated!

Source Unknown but deeply appreciated!

Her real name is Kimmy … and yes, I thoroughly enjoy her existence in my world.  In fact, she so effortlessly draws people into her circle that she has “a team.”   I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I felt a little jealous … at first … when she spoke of the group of women in her life who were always there for each other … steadfastly rallying for one another at the drop of a hat.  At one point, I remember feeling like I got gypped because she had a team and I didn’t.

But then … if you wait long enough, the Universe always explains.  You see, our Kimmy was going to need a team.  She was going to need solid, reliable and unwavering support because … some brutal things were going to be laid before her … including the tragic loss of a child.  On June 8, 2011 her precious son, Brett, transitioned to another realm after an unforeseeable accident …

When Kimmy’s son passed over, she invited me to be on her team.  And I was so deeply honored to be included, because when someone is going through the fires of hell, you just want to help.  But you have no clue how.  Kimmy was good enough to guide us.  And she gifted us with responsibilities. And it felt so good to be able to support her in a meaningful way.  She requested that  each member of her team carry out specific tasks that best honored our unique skills, talents and strengths … e.g., the organized ones screened phone calls and scheduled appointments; the ones with culinary gifts made food; the ones who liked writing helped her put words to what was in her heart for the eulogy;  and so on.

Yes … and then … this amazing woman stood before us and inspired a community center filled with people while she delivered her son’s eulogy herself.  And she inspired us with both her tender, touching message and her innate flair for presentation.  Her beautiful humor shone through to our hearts and we smiled and we cried and we felt it all.  We felt the indescribable ache in her tattered and torn heart.   Yes we did.  And we felt the sheer beauty of her sweet soul … reaching clear down into our own … inviting us to join her in celebration of the blessings and miracles her son had gifted not only to her  – but also to so many others.

And she has been honoring her own healing process by openly, honestly and vulnerably sharing her spiritual journey with others.  She lovingly reminds us on a Facebook page entitled “Shift Happens”  that although ‘sh*t happens’ to all of us … we can use it to transform/shift our lives in favorable ways.  I hope you will make a little time to explore the unpretentious wisdom she has gleaned from her own experiences and allow it to lighten any darkness in your days and/or bring solace to any tender parts of your own soul. I, myself, have been deeply moved by her brilliant insights and heartfelt sharing.

Kimmy, I want you to know that my life has been infinitely better because of you … both personally and professionally.  You warm my heart on a regular basis. And because of you, I did some team building! I invited people to be on my team!  It strikes me that everyone should have a team to help them through the bumpiest part of their paths.  Thank you for inspiring that. I could go on and on highlighting the countless ways you have brightened my world just by being you … but at this particular moment … I feel more inclined to use the rest of this space to extend an invitation.

A little while ago, Kimmy’s husband Greg was diagnosed with cancer.  And although he has been well on his way to a return to good health, I can only begin to imagine how vulnerable one feels on the heels of that kind of news.  I invite whoever is reading these words to join me in continuing to hold space for Greg’s optimal well-being.  I invite those of you who have just met Kimmy through this blog to join those of us who already know her, Greg and their lovely daughter Taylor by energetically wrapping them all up in a warm blanket of love and light.  You can just never get enough of that kind of thing … 🙂

Kimmy …. may your whole family feel the tingles of love in these heartfelt intentions and may you intuitively sense our unwavering support in every breath you take … for now and always.

I love you bunches … Karen


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10 thoughts on “Better Because of Your Good Heart … Kimmy!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful words you wrote about my dear high school friend Kim. You captured so many accurate details about her beautiful soul. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege of knowing; she is a bright light to everyone she reaches both near and far. Let’s mirror Kim’s incredible energy and strength back to her, Taylor and Greg as they stand strong and support each other while Greg continues on the path to good health. Loads of love being sent their way, and to you as well for capturing Kim’s spirit in the way that you did. You brought tears to my eyes, and her response brought even more tears to my eyes as she shared so many loving memories of their dear son Brett.

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  2. Oh my gosh Karen, my heart is overflowing right now! What an honor – I am truly humbled by your words. Thank you – from the bottom of my heart. ❤

    I laughed (out loud) at the memory of the “On the Go Barbie interview”. I do have to say that I wasn’t sure how that interview would end, and I did hope (and pray) that you guys would take me as I was.

    It probably wasn’t the smartest thing that I’ve done. Clearly, I didn’t think that through as I was letting my heart lead me that day. You see, when I put the wig on, I saw a look of sheer delight on my daughter Taylor’s precious little face. That was it, my heart took over and I was hopelessly lost in the wonderment and innocence of her childhood. In that moment, there was really nothing else more important – and we began our day with my heart leading the way!
    After all, the job interview wasn’t until later, so there would be plenty of time to change. As the party ended, I had the most horrifying realization that my hair was a complete mess, certainly not something that a comb and hairspray would be able to save. I knew that I would have to wash my hair and start over. Unfortunately, I had not factored that kind of time into my schedule! That was the moment that I had to make the decision to either miss the interview altogether or to show up “as is.” As you know, I chose the later and made it to the interview…and well, you know the rest of the story!

    Your blog has stirred some memories for me and I hope it’s okay to share those thoughts here.
    I now find myself smiling as I now see a beautiful comparison… “Come as you are” was one of the messages that I felt so compelled to share as I delivered Brett’s eulogy. Brett showed up every day “as is”, and he also accepted everyone no matter how different they were. He had a hearing impairment and it made him different from others, this was a struggle that he faced every day of his life. He was a teenager with long hair, band t-shirts and running shoes. How I used to worry that he wouldn’t be accepted because of his difference, and his long hair just made me worry about that even more. (Now when I see boys with long hair, I can’t help but smile at them).

    Immediately after Brett’s passing, seeing people for who they truly are – was something that I felt from deep within my heart, (which had just been cracked wide open). It wasn’t anything that I pondered, it was just something that I know knew. I could see that we were all so very different. We grieved differently, we come from different faiths, and different circumstances. I knew we would all be processing this differently. Instead of letting these differences get in the way, I wanted to celebrate our differences. After all, isn’t this what makes us all so perfectly unique?

    And at the same time, I had the overwhelming feeling that we were all the same. That we are One. I had never heard it in that context before, but I sure knew it now!

    In my mind, I kept reliving a memory of Brett over and over again. I could see and hear him, as a little 3 year old boy singing the chorus of one of his favorite songs. In time to the, music he would belt out the words, “We are One” and then he would step forward and hold up his tiny hand showing his pointer finger to emphasise the number 1. This wonderful memory of him has taken on an entirely new meaning for me.

    I smile now when I think of that day that I showed up “as is” for my job interview. You both looked beyond the costume that I was wearing (that which made me different) – and you saw me! And I thank you guys for that. ❤

    You said that you have been thinking of me this past week. I’m not sure if you were aware that we were in Vancouver as you wrote this post. (This is why I have not seen your blog until now). We were there for an appointment with Dr. Adam Macleod, who specializes in integrative oncology. So your intuition was accurate – there was something going on with us. I am happy to report that the appointment went very well and that Greg continues on his path of healing. Our journeys though healing have taken us places that we never thought we would go, both geographically and spiritually.

    I cannot thank you enough for reaching out and asking for prayers and light to be sent our way. This illness is a tough one – and you are right, you can never have enough good thoughts being sent our way.

    While reading your blog, I laughed and then I wept. Then I wept some more. It took me a long time to read it to the end as I couldn’t see through my tears. Brett passed away in June 2011 and Greg was diagnosed with cancer in May 2014. We received the diagnosis the day before I was to deliver a tribute to Brett at (what would have been) his grade 12 graduation. Less than a handful of people, including Greg and myself knew of his diagnosis. With Greg’s encouragement, I was able to deliver Brett’s tribute to 950 people, it was one of the most difficult things that I have done, considering the devastating news that we had been given 24 hours earlier. Even though my not all on my team had been told of the news we had received the day before, I drew strength from each of them. And once again, overwhelming courage poured over me and through me, I could feel it reaching the core of my being and it wrapped around me like a protective blanket. Once again, I knew I was also being guided and held steadfast by a higher power. As well, I could feel the familiar presence of one special Angel as he held me up while I gave tribute to him. ❤

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Karen – not only for the incredibly kind words that you wrote about me, but also for the emotion that those words carried. You made me cry the ugly cry… and I am so grateful that you did! Those tear drops carried deep sorrow and heartache up and out of my heart. Those emotions of sorrow were already within me, you just helped me to release them! At the same time, I cried tears of happiness. To realize that I am and so well thought of by you – to feel so loved and significant truly fills ones heart to overflowing! Indeed, my heart is over flowing with love and it spilled over in the form of tears. What a gift, thank you for making me cry!

    I have such gratitude towards you, beautiful Karen. You are the one that taught me that I am a mirror. You can only see in me, what you have within yourself. You also taught me how to take in a compliment as sometimes those are harder to absorb then criticism. So again, I am letting your words soak in and I thank you. ❤

    Your soul shines so bright and I am honored to be touched by the glow of it. By the way… you my friend, have been on my team since the day we met. ❤

    With love, Kimmy ❤

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