The Days are So Much Better when they Start With a Smile …

My husband has been working out of the town for the last couple of weeks. He is an oilfield consultant and heavy equipment operator.  He loves his job.  Sometimes I tease that he gets paid to play in the dirt! He doesn’t just move dirt … he creates works of art.   His approach to his construction work reminds me of that age old question …

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

He is exceptionally gifted at what he does … every dust molecule, gain of sand and patch of earth is a canvas for his imagination.  In order to create the metaphorical cathedral he has in his mind’s eye, he’s been rumbling around on some big piece of equipment (annoying the gofers!) … carving out of the borrow pit (dirt lingo!) … filling in low spots … and … outsmarting the frost in order to fulfill someone’s vision of a road. I expect they will be well pleased when he is complete.

Each morning, while away, he has sent me a little text to start our day.  I didn’t get one this morning because he was home last light. We had a brief verbal exchange this morning before he hit the road, but in all honestly, I kind of missed starting the day with our text exchanges. This is the one I received a couple of days ago …

Well, auto-correct had it’s way with my response!  It changed my wording from ‘wonder’ into ‘wonderful’ but … the grammatical error just added a few more chuckles to the whole exchange!!

And then on an other early morning, we shared his view of the sunrise together:


Yes. I am reminded that we can make our days more beautiful by what we choose to put into them.  Only always. Whether it be text or face to face … we must always ask ourselves … am I just laying bricks with my moments today … OR … am I building a cathedral?

May we all be wowed by the ‘wonders’ and/or the ‘wonderfuls’  we find along our paths today and tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that … ❤ Karen ❤






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