Meet Karen


My name is Karen Lanser.  My mouth waters at the thought of a deep, dark blend of coffee loaded with 18% cream and 2 packets of Splenda. I love fresh ground pepper … but even that wouldn’t make liver palatable! I don’t watch much TV, but I am inspired by the contestants on shows like “The Voice” because they are chasing their dreams so boldly!   I have been married for 40 years to a man who has been the most exceptional father to my my three daughters. They are remarkable women and I am continuously inspired by the spirit with which they live their lives. The juiciest joys in my life are often sparked by grandchildren … all 8 of them.

I’m a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser.  For most of my life, I have been “too busy”  doing things I thought I “should” be doing rather than the things that made my heart sing. I am now committed to surrounding myself with the things, people and activities that I “love” being involved with … which is bringing an incredibly rich dimension to my life.  I am getting better at catching myself when I fall back in to old unhealthy patterns … it’s a process!.

I am employed as a counselor, EMDR therapist and life coach. I’ve been a devoted student of Debbie Ford since seeing her on Oprah in 2001.  I incorporated my own company (Miracles! Your Center for Well-Being Inc.) in the hopes that I could be as inspiring to others as she has been to me. I’ve called my business (and my other blog site) Miracles!  because miracles are defined by A Course in Miracles as ‘a shift in perception from fear to love’.  It is my intention with this blog to foster and perpetuate an energy of love … I would want to be remembered as someone who inspired people to love themselves a little bit more and be a little kinder to everyone … including themselves.  It is my sincerest intention to help each and every one of us ‘live a great life anyway’ … hence the emergence of yet a third blog.  You can find it here.

It is my hope that when reading my acknowledgements of those people  who have kindled the fire within my own soul … people might be inspired to do the same for those who have been a source of inspiration and personal growth for themselves.

Hoping you’ll join me in honoring the folks who have brightened your life … Karen

I'd love to hear your thoughts ...

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