Better Because of You … “C with a big bold heart”

It’s her birthday today.  Her name is Cynthia.  She is also known as Cyndy.  And Cookie (but only in privileged circles).  And she signs her name like this:C with a heartAnd, she puts that big, bold heart into everything … with fabulous, flamboyant flourish. With juicy, joy-filled jubilation.  With energetic exuberance and excitement. With lots of loud love.

Yes, she lives loud and she laughs loud and she loves loud.  She’s utterly reluctant to miss out on any of the magical moments that life invites her to embrace.  And even when she leaps before she looks she brings light and laughter to where-ever she lands. And, she inspires me to surrender parts of my highly edited and cautiously crafted existence and simply allow life to have it’s wondrous way with me more often too.

She is wildly creative and cheeky fun and she has the incredible capacity to take myriad forms of miscellaneous scraps, useless bits and pieces, left-over odds and ends and shape them into the most magnificent, meaningful collages. With her remarkable artistry, she fashions ‘something’ quite special out of ‘nothing’ particularly important and that rich, magical transformation invokes immeasurable awe, inspiration and appreciation in the eye of the bestowed beholder.

For example … she gifted me with this little gem on my last birthday.  See what I mean about how her zest for life breathes brilliance and beauty into her benevolently inspired creations!

happiness is by cyndy

And then there was this one.  She offered it to me when I got brave enough to venture out and start my own business … and it melted my heart because my company is  called Miracles! Your Center for Well-Being Inc.

expect miracles

And the gifts of her heart come so richly wrapped that one is tempted not to open them and disrupt the dazzling beauty …

Cs gift

And … her big, bold heart shines through her emotional expressions with such warm, wonderful wording.  One year, I arrived at work and was delighted to discover an email with these heartfelt birthday wishes:

Happy birthday from C!

And she loves books … and tea … and England … and her daughters Courtenay and Mary Elizabeth.  And she lives a large life because she genuinely invests her whole heart in all the things she loves!  And her life loves her right back … even through the bumpy parts of the path.

be youAnd so, when I saw this quotation I couldn’t help but think of you C !  And I decided to take this opportunity to thank you for all the ‘heart’ you have so generously breathed into the world. You have a magnificent way of speaking straight from your soul and connecting from that vulnerable space …  and in doing so … your vivacious vitality tenderly cracks our hearts  wide open. I applaud you for living your life with such rich, unpretentious expressions of spirit.  I admire you for daring to bare your raw, real and unscripted soul.  Thank you for simply being you … transparently, authentically and wholeheartedly YOU! 

And  … I thank you for inviting me to do the same!!  Thank you for inviting me to turn up the volume in my own life and live more moments as amplified and audaciously as you do. Thank you for the ways you light up the Universe with the gifts of your heart! My life has been so much better because of the ways in which you have enriched it.

Happy Birthday ‘C with a big bold heart’ ! This tribute to you, about you and for you comes with much love from me,   ❤ Karen ❤

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