Better … Because of an Absolute Stranger

Source Unknown - but deeply appreciated!

Source Unknown – but deeply appreciated!

There are simply no insignificant choices in life.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that this little thing or that little moment won’t really matter.  Sometimes we dismiss the gravity of our actions at any given point in time.  Sometimes, we never know the long-term impact of our choices …

I was purging my filing cabinet recently when I came upon a copy of a letter I wrote (almost 20 years ago!) to our local newspaper editor.  My youngest daughter was only 10 at the time, but … a stranger taught her (and me!) something really important.  Something worthy of a letter to the editor.  It warmed my heart to find that letter again.  It gave me a chance to re-experience all the hope, grace and sheer altruism that was tucked into that meaning-filled event.

I was inspired to share it with you here … because … our humanity needs reminders of the beauty and bright light that exists in our world – despite the media’s over-emphasis and sensationalizing of the dark. Integrity of a strangerMay we all find/be such miracle minded people as we wander through our days … we just never really know who might be touched by our choices/actions …

With a humble and grateful heart, Karen

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