Better Because of Your Luminous Light Debora …

Debora Bradley - 1

Source Unknown but Deeply Appreciated

Well, Debora Bradley, I can’t think of a more accurate description of the bright light that is you!!  Although there are many, many remarkable lightworkers in the world, your generous gifts of grace and your compassionate, caring contributions to humanity are all rendered visible in the loving-kindness that is so inextricably woven into your beautiful benevolent beingness.

While it’s a rare treat to see you in person,  I am so grateful that I do get to ‘see’ you on a regular basis on Facebook.  You inspire such rich traces of love with your thoughtful posts/responses/reflections … uplifting spirits whenever you add your ‘shares’ to those in your virtual circle.  Thank you for being the wind beneath so many of our wings.

Your energetic touch is infused with something so nurturing and nourishing in it’s comforting caress.   And I can actually feel it … each and every time it lands.  While I might scroll quickly over many of the posts that pop up in my news feed, I have learned not to skip over any of yours … lest I miss out on something inspiring, meaningful and/or clearly drenched in divinity.

Encourager Extraordinaire.

Compassion Crusader. 

Luminous Lightworker. 

Love Incarnate.

Yes, that is you Debora Bradley. I deeply appreciate you for steadfastly shining your radiant light into all of our orbits … like the facets of a diamond reflecting sunshine in limitless directions … scattering points of light with warmth and wild abandon. Thank you for persistently looking through a lens of love … both personally AND professionally  as a remarkable integrative life coach.  The energy of altruistic intention that inspires your countless contributions to our humanity is entirely transcendent.

Thank you for ‘being’ the change we need to see in the world.  I sense you are making a remarkable difference in our collective consciousness.  And, I for one, am so much better because of your precious presence in my life. I just wanted you to know that … ❤

With utmost reverence for light of love in your soul,   Karen

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