Better Because of “The Vow” … By Debbie Ford

Perhaps 2018 is the year for us to make this impeccable vow to ourselves and for ourselves. 

In this short 4 minutes … Debbie Ford invites each and every one of us to stand in the best expression of who we can be in the world.

We are all so much better for the legacy of courage, faith and love that you brought to our hearts … Karen

P.S. If you have not yet read the book that contains “The Vow”, I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Better Because of “The Vow” … By Debbie Ford

  1. Hi,

    Yesterday was a powerful day for me and I want to thank you again for showing up and being real.

    I haven’t mastered that skill yet. I was very uncomfortable but didn’t know what to do with the emotion

    until I saw you being true to yours. You continue to be a mentor and leader for me and I continue

    to appreciate your presence in my life.

    I am Better Because of You…

    Hugs my friend,


    PS can you change this gmail to my new email?

    I don’t want to miss any wisdom that you share.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi …
      It was quite a day. I’m glad we could support one another through it! Thank you for your kind words. I’m not able to change your email … but … if you “follow” the blog with your FCSS email it should work. You might have to log onto the Better Because of You Blodsite on a desk top computer to see the ‘follow by email’ button. 😊


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